Lance Armstrong how to change a tyre – video

Armstrong heads to the workshop for how-to video

Don’t watch Lance Armstrong’s How to fix a flat video, watch BikeRadar‘s instead.


How to change a flat tyre

Video: How to fix a tyre

Lance Armstrong, who has been relatively camera shy since admitting his systematic doping to Oprah last year, has appeared in a how-to video – telling viewers how to change a flat tyre.

In the video for US magazine Outside, the former pro sends himself up with the opening line “Hi, I’m Lance Armstrong, seven time winner of the Tour de France,” before a bell goes off, and he continues, “Hey, I didn’t write the script.”

Wearing a Coors Classic hat, Armstrong changes a tyre on an old Peugeot bike and offers handy tips along the way – such as not replacing the dust cap because it’s “not cool.”

Outside’s publicity stunt featuring a faux-humbled Armstrong is likely to get the views, but if you want even better how-to videos, subscribe to the BikeRadar YouTube channel for our longer and more comprehensive series of Maintenance Monday videos.

BikeRadar presenter and skilled mechanic James Tennant has confirmed he was never offered or tempted to use performance-enhancing drugs during his career as a top bike shop wrench.


And yes, we know we just hijacked Outside’s stunt. But if you want to go and see Armstrong in action, it’s over here somewhere.