Landis ‘wore a wire to gather doping evidence’

Report says disgraced cyclist spied on Rock Racing owner for FDA

Floyd Landis has been the centre of much debate this year

Disgraced cyclist Floyd Landis wore a wire and spy camera to gather evidence about former Rock Racing owner Michael Ball, according to a report in the New York Daily News.


Landis filmed images of what appeared to be doping products, including human growth hormone, in the refrigerator of Ball’s apartment in Marina Del Rey, California during a meeting in the spring, a source told the newspaper.

US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) special agent Jeff Novitzky is said to have then used the information gathered by Landis to obtain a search warrant for Ball’s apartment. “The quantity and the quality of the video surveillance was pivotal in the decision to serve a search warrant and essentially raid Ball’s apartment to seize the drugs,” the New York Daily News’ source explained.

Ball has not been publicly charged with any offence. His Rock Racing team disbanded ahead of the 2010 season when they failed to receive a licence, while his Rock and Republic clothing company filed for bankruptcy in April. Landis had been set to ride for Rock Racing in 2010.

Novitzky is currently leading an investigation into doping in American cycling, which is believed to be centred on the US Postal Service team. In May, Landis – who was stripped of the 2006 Tour de France crown after a positive test for testosterone – outlined a series of alleged doping practices that took place during his time on the team.


In making his confession, he alleged that former team-mate Lance Armstrong was involved in systematic doping during his spectacular Tour de France career. Those claims have since prompted a federal investigation into the superstar American.