Lazer eyewear and urban helmets – Interbike 2012

Deluxe versions of Armor and Street, plus Magneto glasses developments

We saw several new helmets from Belgian lid company Lazer Sport at Eurobike, but the brand brought even more 2013 models – and some fresh eyewear – to this year’s Interbike show


Lazer continues to grow its urban range with ‘Deluxe’ versions of the Armor and Street. These feature fancier graphic treatments and materials including fabric covers, wood-grain prints, leather straps and metal hardware. 

While highly similar in terms of appearance, the US$80 Armor Deluxe and US$60 Street Deluxe are fundamentally different. The Armor Deluxe uses in-molded construction and is impressively lightweight at around 275g (claimed) while the Street Deluxe uses a separate bonded-on hardshell that increases the claimed weight to a more substantial 450g.

Leather straps and metal hardware for lazer’s armor deluxe helmet:
James Huang/Future Publishing

Leather straps and metal hardware on the Armor Deluxe

Lazer has also adapted its Effect snowsports helmets to produce the US$100 Sweet – essentially the same helmet but without the winter insulation. Key features include the comfortable RollSys retention system, adjustable venting, a built-in rear LED flasher, an optional GoPro camera mount and a dual-layer EPS foam liner that air can flow through for improved ventilation.

The popular US$60 CityZen has been updated as well, with a smaller brim.

Eyewear updates

Lazer continues to push the virtues of its innovative Magneto eyewear system, and it’s been improved for 2013 with a second model, the M1S, that features a trimmer form factor for trimmer faces. According to Lazer Sport’s Chris Smith, the M1S is 5mm narrower and 3mm shorter front-to-back than the standard M1.

Also new on the Magneto front are handy snap-on ‘docks’ for Helium helmets. These allow users to attach the non-folding glasses on top of their heads when the glasses aren’t in use.

Lazer tackles the issue of where to store unused magneto glasses with these new snap-on docks for helium helmets:
James Huang/Future Publishing

Snap-on docks for the Helium helmet hold Magneto glasses when they’re not in use


Meanwhile, riders with smaller faces wanting a more casual option can look to the new AR-2, with a stylish half-frame configuration, interchangeable lenses and grippy hydrophilic inserts at the nosepiece and temples for a slip-free fit.