Lazer Helium FAST helmet – first look

Aero lid with one-piece outer shell and chrome finish

Lazer’s Helium FAST helmet – as worn by Lotto-Belisol sprinter Andre Greipel – could be available to buy at the end of the year. And, the company claim, it could help shave up to 30 seconds off of your 40km TT time.


Greipel and other Lazer-wearing pros were first spotted racing with a hard aero cover on the standard Helium at the 2012 Tour Down Under, but the UCI banned these removable aids for 2013. Greipel et al are now racing in an evolution of the FAST that sees a one-piece outer shell in-moulded to an EPS inner.

As well as improving on the standard Helium’s aerodynamics – Lazer say controlled velodrome tests showed the FAST could save riders 4-10 Watts at 45kph – the firm also claim it offers better impact protection at a lighter weight. They say the one-piece shell better distributes impact forces, which in turn means a less dense EPS can be used.

Lazer also say that, despite its obvious lack of traditional vents, the FAST is no less effective than a traditional helmet when it comes to keeping a rider’s head cool. The shiny chrome finish isn’t just for show – Lazer say the silver shell reflects heat and is up to 200 percent more efficient at this than standard polycarbonate.

On the flipside, the solid shell is also better at keeping heat in on cold days. Vents at the front and rear of the lid also help channel air underneath the solid shell, for extra cooling.

The lazer helium fast isn’t totally without venting:
Rob Spedding/Future Publishing

The Lazer Helium FAST isn’t totally without venting

Prices aren’t yet confirmed but, because the traditional Helium retails for almost £200/€200/US$230, this will be a premium lid.


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