Lazer Tardiz time trial helmet – Just in

Designed to be fast and cool

Lazer’s new Tardiz time trial helmet aims to meet two goals that haven’t historically complemented one another: to be highly aerodynamic yet offer plenty of ventilation.


For improved cooling, the helmet has a two-tier construction that maximises airflow. It also boasts an Aqua Vent: a port that the wearer can dump water into to saturate the helmet’s X-Static pads and promote evaporative cooling when faced with extreme temperatures.

To maximise its aerodynamic advantage, the Tardiz’s outer shell sports two different surfaces. The front is slick, while the tail features aerodynamic dimples and a matt finish to promote the creation of a boundary layer with the ultimate purpose of creating laminar airflow.


The Tardiz features Lazer’s patented Rollsys internal sizing system that operates via a shell mounted thumbwheel. It’s available in five colours and two sizes for US$ €175/ £149.99. Our medium sample weighs 408g.

The tardiz’s two defining features aqua vent (top) and rollsys (bottom).: the tardiz’s two defining features aqua vent (top) and rollsys (bottom).
Matt Pacocha