Lazer’s new Chrome Aeroshell

Helmet with integrated reflective shell raced to victory Down Under

As international racing gets underway in Australia, Lotto-Belisol’s sprinter Andre Greipel was quick to take the win at the People’s Choice Classic and show off Lazer’s new Chrome Aeroshell, a one-piece helmet with an integrated reflective shell.


Building on Lazer’s aeroshell covers that snap on to Helium helmets, this Chrome Aeroshell delivers the aero benefits but also fits within the UCI rules of not having removable parts.

Lazer will likely produce a consumer version sometime around the Tour de France, but for now, this is pro-only equipment.

“It’s actually a specially manufactured helmet where all the outer cosmetic parts of the helmet (microshell and carbon bits) have been removed and replaced with the bonded Chrome Aeroshell,” said Lazer’s Chris Smith. “Also, because the Aeroshell helps with the integrity of the helmet we were able to reduce the amount of EPS foam in the helmet and it still passes all the tests. That’s how we were able to reduce the overall weight.”

Whereas a regular Helium weighs 260g, the Chrome Aeroshell tips the scales at a claimed 204g.

Lazer’s new chrome aeroshell supposedly reflects heat:
Tim De Waele
Having a hard time seeing through the cover? So does the sun, Lazer claims

There is a chance that the consumer version could be called the Helium FAST, but there is no word yet on pricing.

The Chrome Aeroshell has two basic concepts. One, covering the 19 vents improves aerodynamics, but hinders cooling. So, two, the Chrome treatment is designed to reflect solar radiation. Lazer claims the material reflects 55 percent of solar radiation, compared to 20 percent for a standard helmet.

The Chrome Aeroshell helmet also features Lazer’s Magneto sunglasses system, where sunglasses snap on to the helmet straps with magnets and do not have the full-length arms that extend over the ears.


It has been hot in Australia — hitting 34 C/93 F — and Greipel was able to keep a cool head in the new helmet, covered vents and all.

The chrome aeroshell builds on lazer’s previous snap-on shells:
Tim De Waele
The pro-only helmet is a one-piece design, per UCI rules. A consumer version could be available around the Tour de France