Leatt expands into body armor

Foam-covered undershirts mate with Leatt neck brace

The brand Leatt, which for many is now synonymous with its MTB neck brace, is expanding its line in 2013 to include a range of protective clothing. From full-sleeve undershirts with foam padding to elbow and knee guards with hard shells, Leatt has a host of new gear for riders who like to go big.


The soft body pieces “offer CE-approved protection and feature Leatt®’s exclusive BraceOn strap system that keeps the brace secure without the need for body straps,” said Lenny Karsmakers, Leatt’s European marketing manager.

Leatt will be showing the full new line at the Eurobike, but BikeRadar got this sneak peek.

Leatt has also updated and expanded its line of neck braces. The DBX Pro is new for 2013, and Karsmakers says it’s the lightest and most comfortable neck brace. The DBX Pro is made of Aramid-reinforced carbon fiber and has a new one-piece CoreFlex rear thoracic strut. The padding at the rear was also brought down a little for better helmet clearance.

Leatt’s new dbx pro : leatt’s new dbx pro
The new DBX Pro

The new line of soft protection clothing is called 3DF, which alludes to the three-dimensional impact foam used at common contact points (shoulder, elbows, chest, back, hips). The foam remains soft when riding, but hardens upon impact to disperse the force of a crash and protect the rider.

The 3DF clothing uses a moisture-wicking fabric. All the 3DF pieces are designed to be worn with a Leatt brace.

The protective clothing comes in a 3DF Body Protector (long sleeve), 3DF Body Vest (sleeveless) and 3DF Back Protector (same as the vest but without the chest padding).

All three pieces come in three sizes, designed to fit ridres from 5’3” (160cm) to 6’5” (196cm).

Also new from Leatt is the Coolit Tee and Vest — moisture-absorbent base layers designed to keep riders cool. Leatt recommends that riders soak these layers in cold water for at least two minutes, then resoak them while riding. The evaporative benefits can last up to 6 hours, according to Leatt, and result in a noticeable cool feeling.


Check BikeRadar during Eurobike (Aug. 28-31) for full details on Leatt’s 2013 offering plus the latest and greatest from many, many more companies.