#letscleartheair gathers pace

BikeRadar and Fiat campaign hots up on Twitter

letscleartheair on Twitter

BikeRadar and Fiat’s promotion for better sharing of the roads has built up steam on twitter today, with #letscleartheair generating plenty of feedback.


We asked our followers to tweet their suggestions as to how cyclists and motorists can better share our roads. using the #letscleartheair hashtag. On offer were prizes for the best tweets as well as the chance to win a coaching day at Manchester Velodrome courtesy of Fiat Punto GBT.

Here’s a sample of what you’ve sent us. Keep them coming…

Selene Yeager @FitChick3  I’m a mom. You might want to push me off the road. But my daughter wants me to come home. See the human under the helmet.#letscleartheair

Andy Valentine @MrAndyValentine  #letscleartheair Best tip I can give fellow cyclists is simply to indicate early. We’re harder to spot, so let’s make sure we’re seen in time

Mark Hancock @RourkeRider  Hey cyclists say hello to each other, it’s not hard to acknowledge someone. #letscleartheair.

Rory Campion @CheekiMunkie  @bikeradar the mornings are getting lighter, but don’t forget something hi-vis, get yourself noticed not flattened #letscleartheair

Neil Kitching @furiouscyclist I’m not just a cyclist. When I’m in my car, I’m a driver. When I’m not on my bike, I’m a pedestrian. #letscleartheair @bikeradar

James Hayward @miniboyjim  @bikeradar only way you will get to destination faster (both cyclists and drivers) is to leave the house earlier Dont rush #letscleartheair

Beth Anderson @roseofwinter  Drivers: The cyclist on the road is not waging a personal war against your liberties, they’re just trying to get somewhere. #letscleartheair

GoTriangle @gotriangle  MT @riersonphoto: Treat the cyclist in front of u as if they were ur son, daughter, husband or wife. They ARE someone’s.

Andy Willetts @andywilletts  @bikeradar Drivers- Before you pull out in front of an oncoming cyclist, think: “Would I do this if it was a lorry coming”. #letscleartheair

Guitar Ted @guitarted1961  Turn your one finger salutes into five finger ones. No need to be provocative. #letscleartheair

Andy Adshead @AndrewAdshead  @bikeradar Fellow cyclists please, please, please don’t run red lights. Makes us all look like idiots #letscleartheair

Ryan Mitchell @_RyanMitchell @bikeradar – drivers – every cyclist you see is one more free parking space! #letscleartheair

Nigel Farquhar @Wataboutya  A door width is for your safety, a lane width is for mine. Treat a cyclist as you would a car in an overtake #letscleartheair


Steve Price @spricey  @bikeradar #letscleartheair Obey the laws, respect each other & don’t get angry…For everyone. …