Levi’s to release bike commuting clothing range

511 Commuter jeans and Trucker Jacket available from this week

Levi’s are to release a series of bike commuting products this week, based on their existing 511 Skinny jeans and denim Trucker jacket.


The 511 Commuter Skinny features fabric and construction upgrades from the original jeans. Reinforced in the crotch, back pockets and belt loop and made from a stretchable material are the more significant updates. It is also water and dirt resistant, has a higher back rise and includes a utility waist band for u-lock storage and reflective patches in key areas. It comes in two styles; a full-length and cropped version, as well as denim and non-denim fabrics.

Accompanying the jeans in the new range is a Commuter version of their Trucker Jacket. Updates include the water and dirt resistant fabric of the jeans, an iPod-specific front pocket, a slight elongation at the rear, low profile pockets, a built-in protection against odour and “accordion” sleeves, which expand when in the riding position.

Levi’s 511 commuter skinny:

Available from this week in the US, the line won’t be made available in Europe for the time being. Both versions of the jeans will cost $78, while the jacket retails for $128. Both will be sold in Levi’s stores and via their website. They will also appear in Urban Outfitters’ stores, and as part of this partnership, the retailer will be launching their “Get in the Saddle” bike shop tour. The shop will go to where cyclists are and create temporary “resource centers”, complete with a bike tuning workshop and commuter tailoring shop. Kicking off in early August in New York City, it ends in Portland in late September with stops in major cities along the way. Visit the Levi’s website for more details.