Lezyne 2014 products – first look

Control Drive CO2 system, plus new pump, lights and tyre levers

Lezyne has continued to tweak and improve its product designs, and had some of its latest innovations were on show in Taipei this week.


Control Drive C02

First up is its latest C02 system, the Control Drive C02. While the head retains Lezyne’s excellent push-fit connection, the company has now added a new oversized tap section parallel to the head. With a short quarter-turn leading to an almost full turn, you can now tune how much of a C02 blast is delivered.

The large knurled surface to this control barrel makes it easy to use and a bit of force when turning it off reduces the chance of accidentally discharging the cartridge in a jersey or jacket pocket. Leyzne’s 16g cartridge is enough to deliver 90 to 110psi in a standard road tyre.

Lezyne was quick to point out that its cartridges are checked for absolute thread quality and that each one is properly charged, as it has had plenty of reports of cheap aftermarket cartridges suffering from sealing issues due to poor threads, or not being properly charged. UK and European pricing is still to be confirmed but the US price is set at $26.99.

Gauge Drive HP portable pump

There is also an addition to the portable pump line – the new Gauge Drive HP. It takes existing Lezyne innovations and adds them to its standard road mini pump. The hose now features an inline air gauge, previously found on the mini track pump designs or as an aftermarket upgrade. Lezyne has not only upgraded the gauge’s air seal with an improved threadlock but has also combined the excellent ABS chuck.

The new pump offers fine pressure release thanks to the abs chuck:
Warren Rossiter / Future Publishing

It’s switchable from Presta to Schrader valves, but the real trick is the small button that allows for precise release of air while still maintaining a perfect connection. Again, UK and European pricing isn’t set but the US price is confirmed at $50.

Power Lever XL tyre levers

We like Lezyne’s standard Power Lever tyre levers – their slender tip means they work brilliantly and their compact size makes them easy to carry. The new Power Lever XL is in fact a supersized version of the standard lever that allows you to apply the extra force needed to shift tubeless tyres, both on and off-road. It retains a slim lip that’s easy to get under the bead though.

The xl lever is substantially bigger than the standard power lever:
Warren Rossiter / Future Publishing

We also like its S-shape; it makes it easy to spin it around the rim to push the tyre bead outwards. It’s a great piece of design, and is one of those so-simple-why hasn’t-anyone-else-thought-of-it moments.

Macro Light Drive Duo

For commuters, there is a neat addition to Lezyne’s lighting lineup. The new Macro Light Drive Duo takes the existing rechargeable and decently powerful Macro and replaces the standard end cap with a new translucent end cap. Under this cap is the mini-USB charging port of the Macro, which now has a powerful and controllable LED sitting underneath the charge port.

The new duo-drive features both front and rear leds:
Warren Rossiter / Future Publishing

The rear LED can be adjusted between flashing and constant modes, independently of the multi-adjustable front light. The Duo-Drive will ship with a helmet mount included for $85, UK pricing is expected to be around the £65 mark.