Lezyne creates a Special Edition Super GPS and updates firmware

New GPS features with more data fields on display

Lezyne says it has listened to customer demand and is releasing a new Special Edition of its Super GPS as well as a firmware update for 2017 (Year 10 in Lezyne speak) GPS devices.

There’s a new app along with the firmware update

Special Edition

Alongside the two new colors, Lezyne’s Special Edition Super GPS runs the latest version of its GPS firmware. Size remains the same at 48mm wide by 70mm long, and healthy 34mm tall off your stem or bars.

Two new colors and a new interface that shows five data fields differentiate Lezyne’s Special Edition Super GPS

The updates

The updated firmware is for Year 10 GPS devices, meaning 2017 model year computers. Devices included are: Super GPS, Micro C GPS, Micro GPS, Macro GPS, Mini GPS, Micro C GPS watch and Micro GPS watch. 

The updated computer interface can display up to eight data fields on a single screen. Lezyne claims interface has been made clearer with fonts that are fine-tuned for clarity and internationally recognized icons replacing words.

When the device is turned on and linked to a smartphone, rides will be automatically uploaded upon saving. 

A zoom has been added allowing riders to zoom near or far on the breadcrumb page. 


There’s also a whole new data field that displays GPS signal strength and battery life.