Lezyne revamps its range of GPS computers

GPS units get a facelift and there's a new watch too

Ahead of its 10-year anniversary in March 2017, Lezyne has revamped its line of GPS-enabled computers. Previously Lezyne computers have demonstrated great value for money, and the updated line continues this by offering features like turn-by-turn directions, Strava Live segments, colour screens, and Bluetooth connectivity at price points starting from $100.


Lezyne is able to keep the prices of these units so low because the computers focus on gathering data while the heavy computing functions, like mapping, are left to the paired smartphone.

Another new feature in the Year 10 collection is Lezyne’s live tracking feature, which is available through the brand’s companion app — and when paired to a smartphone the units will display notifications.

Lezyne Super GPS

Despite being such a small little unit, the Super GPS is packed full of features

The Super GPS is Lezyne’s most fully featured new computer and it utilises inbuilt sensors as well as GPS and GLONASS to provide ultimate accuracy. To combat GPS drift, the Super GPS gets a built-in accelerometer and barometric altimeter to cross-check what the GPS is reading in an effort to prevent wonky results.

Lezyne has also equipped the Super GPS with the ability to simultaneously connect to both ANT+ and Bluetooth sensors, which includes power meters. With up to five pages of metrics available the Super GPS should also appeal to those data hungry riders out there.

When the Super GPS is connected with the free Lezyne Ally app it will also display incoming text messages, emails and phone calls as well as turn-by-turn directions and Strava Live segments.

The GPS has a claimed battery life of 24 hours and claimed weight of 76g, it is also quite compact measuring 42.9mm x 67.8mm x 27.5mm.

Available now, the Super GPS starts at US$149.99, UK and AU pricing and availability have yet to be announced.

Lezyne Micro C and Micro GPS

The Micro C GPS and Micro GPS are just smaller version of the Super GPS

The updated Micro GPS comes with the same features but set in a smaller package, and with the option of a colour screen, or a slightly cheaper high contrast black and white screen version.

With a claimed battery life of 14 hours, Lezyne says the unit weighs just 29g and measures 34mm x 48mm x 25mm. 

The Micro C GPS starts at US$159.99 and the Micro GPS at US$129.99, with UK and AU pricing and availability yet to be announced.

Lezyne Macro GPS

The Macro doesn’t get ANT+ or the built-in sensors but it does still offer Strava Live segments, turn-by-turn directions and support for power meters

The Macro GPS loses ANT+ connectivity, but maintains Bluetooth for both sensors and a connection to your smartphone. It also doesn’t include access to the GLONASS satellite network, nor an integrated accelerometer and barometer.

The Macro does however support Bluetooth enabled power meters as well as turn-by-turn directions, Strava Live segments, and on screen notifications.

Measuring 42.9mm x 67.8mm x 27.5mm the Macro GPS is claimed to weigh 76g and sees 22 hours of battery life.

Starting at US$99.99 the Macro GPS appears to offer quite a lot for the money.

Lezyne Mini GPS

The Mini GPS doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of its big cousins, but for US$100 you still get a Bluetooth enabled computer that offers support for power meters, smart notifications and turn-by-turn directions

In similar fashion to the Super GPS and Micro GPS units, the Mini offers the same feature set as the Macro GPS unit but in a smaller package.

Measuring 33.7mm x 47.9mm x 23mm the Mini GPS has a claimed weight of 29g and battery life of 10 hours, and starts at US$99.99.

Lezyne Micro C GPS and Micro GPS watch

The Micro GPS watch is essentially a Micro GPS computer with a rubber wrist band and multi-sport activity modes

New to the collection is the Micro GPS watch, which is available with either a colour or high contrast black and white screen.

The Micro GPS watch sees all the same features as the cycling specific Micro GPS computers, but with the addition of a basic lifestyle mode to the cycling, hiking and running activity modes — interestingly there’s no mention of swimming.

The built-in accelerometer has also been adapted to serve as a pedometer too. Lezyne says on a full charge the unit will run for over 100 hours in watch mode or 14 hours in an activity.

Available with either a black or blue wristband the Micro GPS Watch is set to retail for US$139.99 and the colour version for US$169.99.


It also appears there may be a wrist-based Heart Rate version not far off, which is expected to cost US$179.99 for the high contrast black and white screen and US$209.99 for the colour version.