Lidl cycling offers coming soon

Budget gear for the credit crunched rider

Budget supermarket chain Lidl is to sell a range of cut-price cycling gear. The clothing, tools and accessories will go on sale in the UK on Thursday 26 February.


Lidl says the low-price kit will be available as long as stocks last, so you may have to be quick if you want to snap up a bargain. During similar promotions in the past, the chain’s cycling gear has sold out quickly.

You probably won’t be breaking them out to wear yet, but the women’s Capri trousers and men’s shorts look a bargain at £5.89, and both come with Coolmax padded liners.

The cycling socks at £1.95 a pair and clipless pedal compatible shoes for £18.58 look an attractive combo for those who want to treat their feet, and the breathable jerseys look good for £6.84.

If you’re after some tools on a shoestring then the repair and tool kit with spanners, puncture repair kit, screwdrivers and more comes in a neat little waterproof saddle pack for £5.89.

There’s a choice of two mini pumps for £3.90 each as well as a £6.84 gel saddle and computer for under a fiver.


We’ve asked people’s opinions on Lidl’s cycling kit before, and most comments have been positive. Let us know in the comments box below if you’ve used any of this gear, and what you thought of it.