Life Cycles showing at Tyler Blick film benefit

Help raise money for leukemia sufferer

The Tyler Blick Film Festival and Life Cycles movie screening on January 21, 2011 will benefit leukemia patient Tyler Blick, the son of Oakley sports marketing man Steve Blick.

If you haven’t seen the Life Cycles movie yet, another screening is set for January 21, 2011 at the Swaner Preserve and EcoCenter in Park City, Utah.  This time, though, it’s part of a bigger Tyler Blick Film Benefit to help raise money for the son of Oakley sports marketing workhorse Steve Blick, who was diagnosed with leukemia last year and is currently undergoing treatment. 


While the elder Blick and his family are covered under Oakley’s company health insurance plan, that plan still leaves sizeable gaps and correspondingly sizeable bills.

“Since being diagnosed 6 months ago, Tyler has responded well to his treatments, but he has a few more years to go until he is cancer free,” Blick said.  “Day to day, Tyler is hanging as tough as a five-year-old on chemo can be.  We know there is a finish line up the road, but for now we are taking it slow day-by-day and happy to have our friends cheering us on.

“Unfortunately, with Tyler’s medical related expenses, we are dealing with serious financial hardships,” he continued.  “Sure, we have insurance, but there is a ton of out-of-pocket expenses our insurance wont cover.  It is tremendously humbling to know we are not alone in this battle and sincerely appreciate the support from our friends in the bike world for being in our corner.”

The Tyler Blick Film Benefit will start at 7pm with a silent auction and ‘beers and bikes’ gathering, followed by the movie screening at 9pm and an after-party beginning at 10pm. 


For more information on Tyler’s progress, visit