LIFT turns nearly any bike into a cargo bike

Kickstarter campaign underway for clever cargo kit

Have you ever wished you had the utility of a cargo bike, but don’t want to invest in an expensive purpose-built machine that can be difficult to store? Well, if you’re cargo curious, then this grocery-getting, dog- or child-hauling kit might be worth consideration.


LIFT’s cargo kit allows users to transform their standard bike into a front-loading cargo bike and back again in about a minute, the company claims.

Aside from the ability to repurpose a bicycle you already own, the appeal of the LIFT system is that it’s relatively compact compared to a traditional cargo bike and significantly less expensive. When not installed, the LIFT add-on takes up about as much space as a wheelbarrow.

How it works

(Dog not included.):
LIFT Cargo Bikes

The LIFT cargo system essentially takes the front of a cargo bike and mounts it to a traditional bicycle by securing it to the bottom bracket and fork.

The bottom bracket is secured to the LIFT frame by clamping the sides of the bottom bracket shell. 

The fork legs are secured to a steering bracket with a quick release, allowing the rider to steer the 20in wheel in front of the basket. The front brake attaches to the kit’s brake line via a coupling.


Bike compatibility

The LIFT kit is on Kickstarter starting at $625. It will retail for $899 after the Kickstarter campaign has ended:
LIFT Cargo Bikes

According to the company, the LIFT kit will work with steel, titanium and aluminum bicycles with 68mm or 73mm English threaded bottom brackets. The bicycle must use cable-actuated disc or rim brakes (no drum brakes or hydraulic brakes), and the frame must use a rigid fork (or a locked-out suspension fork) with 9mm dropouts (no thru-axles).

Pricing and availability

Through the company’s Kickstarter campaign, LIFT is offering the cargo kit starting at $625 with an expected delivery of December 2016.

The LIFT will retail for $899 after the Kickstarter campaign. (UK and Australian pricing TBC.)


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