Lightweight lives up to name… & touts €24k ride

Inevitably lighter, more exclusive gear from German wheelmeister

German wheelmaker Lightweight was conforming to type at Eurobike this week with new wheels, bars and stems that will barely trouble your scales – along with a preposterous limited-edition bike, more on which below.


Meilenstein and Fernweg wheels shed some grams

The Meilenstein wheelset is considered to be Lightweight’s all-round offering, But the German firm has seen fit to create a pro-level wheelset called (wait for it) the Pro Meilenstein, shown at the Eurobike trade fair this week and currently awaiting UCI approval.

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The aim was to make the Pro Meilenstein lighter than the standard wheel, while not approaching the ultra-light weight weenie favourite Obermayer. The new Pro Meilensteins are 1090g a pair, with most of the weight reduction being in the front wheel.

Lightweight claims that taking some weight from the front hoop improves the handling of the wheelset, thereby making the bike it’s fitted too that little bit more nimble – as requested by its pro athletes.

The meilenstein pros’ front spokes are 3d carbon woven into a sock like shape:

The Meilenstein Pros’ front spokes are 3D carbon woven into a sock like shape

The construction of the front wheel is still based around Lightweight’s unique all-carbon design, but the bladed UD carbon spoking has been replaced by a new 3D woven carbon thread. In its raw form it’s woven into a hollow sock-like shape, which is then woven into both the rim and the tall hub flanges. According to Lightweight, this not only sheds a significant chunk of weight but also adds even more lateral stiffness and overall strength.

The Meilenstein Pros aren’t available just yet, but are in final prototype testing with the wheels are expected to be retailing by the end of the year. UK pricing is already set at £3799 a pair, with US pricing expected to be announced at Interbike later this month (other regional pricing remains TBC).

The time trial-specific Fernweg 80mm deep aero wheelset is now accompanied by a new 60mm deep front wheel option. The new Fernweg 60, Lighweight claims, offers a 23 percent reduction in pressure forces from side winds compared with the deeper standard 80mm unit.

Lightweight’s new fernweg 60 is a front wheel-only option for the fernweg 80 tt wheelset:
Warren Rossiter / Immediate Media

Lightweight’s new Fernweg 60 is a front wheel-only option for the Fernweg 80 TT wheelset

That’s not to mention, of course, the reduction in overall weight from what’s already one of the lightest deep section wheelsets on the market. The Fernweg 60 is priced at £2000 (with US pricing to be confirmed later as with the Meilenstein).

Up front, low weight

Aside from the wheelsets Lightweight also showed us a new handlebar, called the Kompaktbügel. These have a semi-aero flat section mated to a compact drop shape.

The drop has a 75mm reach and 123mm drop. The construction is high-modulus carbon with a unidirectional matt finish and as expected these don’t weigh much with the 40cm bar at 192g, the 420mm 196g and the 44cm at 200g.

The kompaktbügel bar mixes a semi aero top section with an ergo-shape compact drop bar:

The Kompaktbügel bar mixes a semi aero top section with an ergo-shape compact drop bar

As a companion to Lightweight’s bars company reps also showed us the ‘final prototype stage’ of the new Lightweight stem. It’s a one-piece carbon creation that looks imminently functional with no extraneous excess – in other words, it should keep tech-head bike geeks and weight weenies panting with delight.

The stem weights range from a frankly frighteningly light 85g for the 90mm rising to 97g for the 120mm version. Reassuringly, the stem has been heavily tried and tested and Lightweight gives a very generous 110kg weight limit for any rider wanting to take advantage of its lack of mass.

Final pricing is yet to be decided as is the ultimate availability of production models. Lightweight did however estimate to us that the UK price should be around £375.

A bike to lighten your pockets

Lastly, and as we’ve come to expect at Eurobike, Lightweight presented a super-limited edition bike. Its called the Urgestalt 24, with 24 standing for its ultra limited run of just 24 models.

Well, that and the fact that all of the livery and graphics are rendered in 24 carat gold… and the price tag is an oh-so-appropriate €24,000 euros!

Lightweight unveiled the bike on the first morning of the show proper and reps seemed genuinely surprised at the amount of interest in ordering it received in a few short hours. So it seems that the Urgesatalt 24 will become a part of the arsenal of some seriously minted bike collectors.

The urgestalt 24, yours for a cool €24,000:

The Urgestalt 24, yours for a cool €24,000