Lindarets ReMount makes dropper posts easier to use

Simple add-on repositions levers for more natural operation

Love your dropper post but hate the remote that it came with? The new Lindarets ReMount is an ingenious little 20g add-on that moves existing dropper post remotes into a new position that’s not only closer to your thumb but feels more natural to use, too – not unlike a trigger shifter, in fact. We’ve been using one for the past week and must admit that it’s pretty fantastic.


ReMount is similar to the little plastic computer and light mounts you’ve seen for years but with smaller 22.2mm diameters to properly fit mountain bike handlebars. Installation is similarly trivial: just remove your current dropper seatpost remote, install the ReMount below the bar, and then clamp the remote to the ReMount. The tough Delrin clamp easily opens up and snaps around the bar so you don’t have to remove any controls, and the 30mm-long extension provides generous height adjustment.

The lindarets remount is a bit pricey but it’s molded in the usa from tough dupont delrin plastic, plus the stainless steel bolt and brass insert should be highly weather resistant:

The simple (but effective) Lindarets ReMount makes existing dropper post remotes much more ergonomic

Although ideally intended for 1x drivetrains, there’s plenty of positioning flexibility to accommodate both a ReMounted dropper remote and a trigger shifter, and the ReMount clamp is even slim enough to slide underneath Shimano gear indicators.

Lindarets admits that the ReMount won’t work for all dropper post remotes. Riders using RockShox Reverb, Crankbrothers Joplin, or Gravity Dropper posts won’t stand to gain anything, for example, but seatposts that use pivoting lever-style remotes such as KS, Thomson, Giant, and Specialized should see noticeable improvements – and not just in terms of ergonomics. ReMount users should also enjoy cleaner cable routing.

Lindarets says the remount works best for pivoting cable actuated dropper post remotes like from specialized, ks, thomson, and giant. the slim clamp will even accommodate trigger shifters:

Lindarets says the ReMount works best for cable actuated remotes such as from KS, Specialized, Thomson, and Giant

At US$19, the ReMount is a bit pricey but it’s at least made well. Lindarets molds the ReMount in the US from tough DuPont Delrin and the impressively secure clamp features a stainless steel bolt and brass nut. That price includes shipping within the US, too – or a credit towards international shipping for other regions.


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