Litelok claims to have made the world’s lightest and toughest angle-grinder resistant locks

British brand unveils fully armoured D-locks featuring a new patent-pending composite material

Litelok X1 and X3 D-locks for road bikes

The new Litelok X-1 and X-3 locks are claimed to offer the best available protection from multiple attack methods and, most critically, the threat of angle grinders.


The advent of improved battery technology brought a wave of new and very portable power tools, including angle grinders, which have become the weapon of choice for bike (and motorbike) thieves.

The new X-Series locks use Barronium, a composite material that Litelok has fused to a hardened fine-grain, high-tensile steel core.

Litelok claims Barronium can resist angle grinders better than any existing material on the market.

It also says the new X-range locks provide market-leading security thanks to the three-layer protection and new lock mechanisms. It claims the locks are the best on the market when it comes to picking protection.

This is not the first time a brand has claimed to have produced a lock capable of withstanding an angle-grinder attack.

In 2019, Altor released the 6.25kg SAF U-lock, which it said could resist the attention of an angle grinder for 30 minutes.

X-range 3-layer protection

The X-series locks have a composite coating around their steel core and a plant-based protective layer to protect your bike’s paintwork.

The X-1 and X-3 locks are said to feature three layers of protection designed to keep your bike safe:

  1. A hardened fine-grain, high-tensile steel core to provide inner strength against attacks from multiple tools such as bolt croppers, cable cutters, long bars, hammers, chisels and more.
  2. Litelok’s patented anti-grinder armour Barronium is permanently fused to this core and designed to wear down angle-grinder discs.
  3. A soft plant-based eco-rubber outer layer that doesn’t damage bike frames, but provides additional cut resistance.

Testing times

The X-1 and X-3 both pass the most stringent Sold Secure Diamond rating.

Litelok says the new X-1 and X-3 locks have been subjected to the highest level of lock testing available in the UK and Europe, with both models surpassing the new Sold Secure Diamond bicycle rating. They also meet the Diamond Motorcycle grade, along with the European ART4 standard.

Aside from attack resistance, Litelok has also used an ART4-certified lock mechanism on the X1 and upped the ante on the X3 by using an Abloy Sentry lock cylinder.

This patented system is usually found only on high-security doors in the defence, mining and power industries.

Litelok claims this is the first instance of this grade and type of lock cylinder being used in bike locks.

Usable and carry-friendly

The X-1’s design promises high security and rattle-free fitments.

The X-1 and X-3 are light for such high-protection locks, coming in at 1.7kg and 1.9kg respectively.

Litelok claims the X design means they are rattle-free, thanks to the tight tolerances of the shackle and dual-locking design. Both locks come with Litelok’s new Twist + Go bike mounts, which the brand says will fit any bike.

Litelok has also partnered with British bag specialists Restrap to produce a belt-fitting holster to carry an X lock on your person.

Both locks are finished with reflective striping and logos to help with nighttime visibility and show potential thieves your bikes are locked safely and securely.

Litelok X-range specs

Litelok X-1

The new X-Series locks are claimed to offer unparalleled protection from angle grinder attack.
  • Price: £149.99
  • Security: Sold Secure Bicycle Diamond, Sold Secure Motorcycle Diamond and ART4 insurance-rated standards, Police Preferred Specification of Secured by Design (SBD)
  • Weight: 1.7kg / 3.7lb
  • Internal dimensions: 101x196mm
  • Lock: ART4-accredited cylinder
  • Mount: Twist + Go mount included & Restrap lock holster available

Litelok X-3

The X-3 uses a lock mechanism usually only found in high-security door applications.
  • Price: £279.99
  • Security: Sold Secure Bicycle Diamond, Sold Secure Motorcycle Diamond and ART4 insurance-rated standards, Police Preferred Specification of Secured by Design (SBD)
  • Weight: 1.9kg / 4.0lb
  • Internal dimensions: 99x194mm
  • Lock: Abloy Sentry
  • Mount: Twist + Go mount included & Restrap lock holster available

We are awaiting our test samples of the X-1 and X-3 (our angle grinder is charged and ready) and are looking forward to testing Litelok’s claims about the Barronium coating.


The new X-1 is available to purchase now, with the X-3 set to go on sale in November.