Litelok: To create an innovative product was always the aim

We speak to the UK company behind a new type of lock

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The basic D/U-lock design hasn’t changed in years, and with good reason – it’s solid, secure and reliable as far as it goes. But it’s also darn heavy, which is where the Litelok steps in. Its UK maker has developed a proprietary material called Boaflexicore that is light, strong and flexible.

With Litelok smashing its crowdfunding target on Kickstarter last year, and set to show off its latest offerings at the London Bike Show’s Innovation Zone later this week, we wanted to know what makes it unique, and what the future holds for the brand.

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Please describe your product in two or three sentences

“Litelok is the world’s first light, flexible and secure bike lock. After years of research and development, Litelok launched on the crowdfunding site, Kickstarter, in March 2015 with the aim of raising £20,000 to help bring the project to production. 

“We surpassed all original expectations and 2,000 backers from 57 countries helped us raise a final total of £232,078.”

What makes it innovative or unique?

It’s flexible and can be stretched along your top tube: it’s flexible and can be stretched along your top tube

“Litelok harnesses the unique security properties of multiple innovative lightweight materials to create a composite strap called Boaflexicore. Each layer provides additional security, meaning it can withstand sustained attack from tools like cable cutters, bolt croppers and hacksaws.

“As well as that, we also have a snap lock feature that allows you to lock without the use of a key. This feature also means you can combine two or more Liteloks together for extra length or extra security.”

What was the hardest thing about developing it?

“To create an innovative product using materials that are different from other products in the market and to get it through independent testing, at the highest rating (Gold) from Sold Secure was always the aim but also the biggest challenge for us.”

Where is it developed and made?

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“Litelok is developed and assembled in the UK. Our full supply chain encompasses mainland Europe, Asia and the UK.”

How much does it cost and where can people buy it?

“A single Litelok is available for £80. Our twin lock is available for £155. Both products are available in Boa Green, Crow Black and Herringbone (black and white).

“At the moment, Litelok is only available for direct purchase via our website. However, we are starting to develop relationships with premium retailers from cities around the world and beyond the UK. So far we have signed up retailers in USA, Austria, Belgium & Spain.”

Do you have new designs or iterations in the works?

The litelok is available in boa green, crow black and herringbone (black and white): the litelok is available in boa green, crow black and herringbone (black and white)

“Yes we have lots of variations in the pipeline. So definitely watch this space.”

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