London bike counter records almost 15,000 cyclists in less than a week

Hackney Council claim to have biggest commuting population in UK

Almost 15,000 cyclists have been recorded by a bike-counting sensor buried in a road in East London – in less than one working week. 


The counter on Goldsmiths Row, Hackney, went live at midnight on Monday 5 August and has been registering riders ever since. This morning, the sensor had been triggered more than 14,500 times, reported the London Cycling Campaign. According to the LCC, several hundred more cyclists were expected during the Friday rush hour, but drizzle might have contributed to a dip in numbers.


Hackney Council intend to install three more similar counters around the borough in the “next few weeks”, said the LCC. On the borough’s website they claim to have more people cycling to work than anywhere else in the UK.