London’s most dangerous cycling junctions to be redesigned with £300m cash injection

Accident blackspots at Aldgate and Swiss Cottage to be completely rebuilt

Thirty-three of London's most dangerous junctions are going to be redesigned with cycle safety in mind

Thirty-three of London’s most dangerous road junctions and gyratories – including Aldgate and Bow roundabout – will be regenerated with a £300 million programme to make them safer and less threatening for cyclists and pedestrians


London Mayor Boris Johnson and Transport for London (TfL) announced the plans today and said work could start on the junctions in the second half of 2014. The 33 identified junctions have been the location for 150 incidents where a cyclist or pedestrian has been killed or seriously injured in the past three years.

British Cycling welcomed the development which will award an average of £9m to each junction, saying it was “one step closer to persuading thousands more people to take up cycling as an attractive and easy way to get around”.

 Gyratories including Archway, Aldgate, Swiss Cottage and Wandsworth will be ripped out and replaced with segregated cycleways, pedestrianised zones and two way roads confirmed TfL.

Elephant & Castle roundabout, London’s highest cycle casualty location, will be removed. At other intimidating gyratories, such as Hammersmith and Vauxhall, safe and direct segregated cycle tracks will be installed while complete redesigns are planned.

 Johnson, said: “These road junctions are relics of the Sixties which blight and menace whole neighbourhoods. Like so much from that era, they’re also atrociously-designed and wasteful of space.

“Because of that, we can turn these junctions into more civilised places for cyclists and pedestrians, while at the same time maintaining their traffic function.”


Detailed designs for the first schemes will be published next month.