Look highlights counterfeit 695 frames

Chinese copycat frames on sale

French bicycle manufacturer Look has issued a press release warning buyers to steer clear of counterfeit versions of its road frames.


The news comes after fake versions of the company’s 695 Light and 695 models in different ranges and colours have surfaced in Asia and more recently in Europe. 

The real 695 has an integrated brake in the fork with access panels: the real 695 has an integrated brake in the fork with access panels
Robert Smith

Here’s how the Look 695 is meant to be in its Aerolight version

Look goes on to explain that the illegal copies are potentially dangerous and bear no relation to the firm’s original frames which are made in Tunisia. Look recommends that its products are purchased from approved distributors and retailers only. Should any owners be in doubt over the authenticity of their Look frames then they are advised to contact the company directly via siteinternet@lookcycle.fr

This story bears a strong similarity to that of Italian manufacturer Pinarello, which saw 16,000 online auctions for counterfeit versions of its products – popularly dubbed ‘Chinarellos’ – removed in three months.


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