Look KéO 2 Max Blade road pedals – first look

Updated design is slightly lighter with bigger platform too

Look has trickled its novel ‘Blade’ leaf spring concept downstream to 2015, adding it to its workhorse KéO 2 Max pedals to create the KéO 2 Max Blade.


Claimed weight is down very slightly from 130g to 118g each, but Look claims the new model also offers a bigger platform and lower stack height for better pedaling efficiency.

The new pedal’s overall shape is nearly identical to that of the much more expensive KéO Blade 2, with the traditional rear coil-spring replaced by a much sleeker and snappier-feeling leaf-spring that runs across the entire bottom of the pedal body. Unlike the carbon fiber body and spring of the KéO Blade 2, though, the KéO 2 Max Blade is built with carbon-reinforced composite all around, which adds a bit of weight and should decrease the pedal’s lifespan somewhat (at least theoretically).

One issue that interested buyers might also note is that while the new KéO 2 Max Blade will be offered in both 8Nm and 12Nm preset release tensions, the standard KéO 2 Max can still be adjusted from 9 to 15Nm.

Retail price is US$199.99 per pair – a US$50 premium over the standard KéO 2 Max.

Look’s other new offerings for 2015 are aimed more at novice clipless pedal users. The new KéO Easy (US$79.99, 129g per pedal) has a reinforced nylon body, a more economical bearing and bushing-equipped cartridge axle, and a traditional coil spring design that’s adjustable between 8Nm and 12Nm.

The KéO Flex 2 (US$59.99, 122g per pedal) has a preset 8Nm release tension but with a flexible rear gate instead of any sort of dedicated spring mechanism.


Find out more about the new models on Look’s website.