Look Keo Blade aero pedals about to glide in to land

Fast pedals for deep pockets

Look’s long-heralded aero version of the KéO Blade pedal should finally hit shops in mid-March, according to UK importers Fisher Outdoor Leisure. BikeRadar got a look (sorry) at an actual sample at Fisher’s UK dealer conference yesterday, and we can see the appeal for testers who want to lose every last gram of drag from their bikes.


However, those extra seconds off your 25-mile time aren’t going to come cheaply. UK recommended retail price of £249.99 is just a bit less than the titanium-axled version of the standard Keo Blade (£274.99). Assuming an equivalent price difference in the US, they should retail for about $449.99.

Look keo blade aero pedal: look keo blade aero pedal

Look’s other big news of last year’s shows, their collaboration with Polar to produce a pedal-based power meter, is still in development. The French Cofidis pro team are testing the system in early-season training and racing, and Look are aiming to ship in September.

When it comes to power-measuring pedals Look are in a race to market with Garmin, who bought MetriGear’s Vector pedal design last year. Garmin say their system will be available in the second half of this year.


Meanwhile a third system is lurking in the wings. German company O-Synce showed a working prototype of their icyclopower pedal at last year’s Eurobike show. Like the Garmin system, it will use the ANT+ communication protocol, so there’s a ready-made ecosystem of Garmin handlebar units for it to work with. There’s no word as yet from O-Synce as to when it’ll be available.

O-Synce icyclopower pedal: o-synce icyclopower pedal