Louis Garneau launch new carbon road shoes

196g Carbon X-Lite kicks for the fleet feet

The new Carbon X-Lite road shoes.

Canadian company Louis Garneau is introducing its 196g Carbon X-Lite road shoe.


In order to reduce the weight, the US$280 Carbon X-Lite shoes feature a 100 percent carbon Extralite outsole with the patented mutlivent system, lightened heel cup with anti-slip one-way stretch lycra, and a heel retention system to keep the foot in place during upstroke, seamless microfiber leather upper, and a new Coolmaxx Ergo Air insole.

“The new Carbon X-Lite will allow cyclists to better their cycling performance by reducing weight without sacrificing power,” said Pierre Perron, International Marketing Director. “We’ve stretched the limits of shoe technology and continue to push the boundaries. The Carbon X-Lite represents our continued evolution as an innovative cycling company.”

Side vents display the Venti X-Lite socks, which are packaged with the shoes. The Carbon X-Lite shoes will be available in the U.S. beginning in November, 2009.


For more information, visit www.louisgarneau.com.