Louis Garneau P-09 aero helmet – first look

Refined aero helmet from Canada

Louis Garneau’s P-09 aero helmet looks a lot like the previous top-end Vorttice model. While the golf-ball style dimples on the crown and the overall shape are very similar, there are several subtle, but thoughtful design changes from the Canadian company.


Ventilation is a key consideration for aero helmets and for the US$349.99 (£TBC) P-09, LG has created a simple solution – one large vent at the front designed to channel air through the helmet, cooling your head before being sucked out the large exhaust at the rear and the two slim exhaust ports just behind the ears.

If it’s a cold day, or you want the maximum aero benefit, the helmet comes with a plug to cover the vent and smooth airflow around the front of the helmet. The LG P-09 weighs in a 354g including the visor, which isn’t bad for a full aero lid.

The ear sections are made of slim plastic and attached to an elasticated cord, meaning they can be pulled wide to avoid pinching the ears when pulling the P-09 on – ideal for a quick triathlon transition or avoiding fuss at your TT start.

Unlike the Vorttice’s visor, which attaches to the outside of the helmet, the P-09 uses an optional clip-on model that’s secured by a plastic clip under the brow. It also flips up, but can’t be stowed upside-down like the magnetic clips on the Giro Air Attack.


Another example of the P-09’s well thought-out design is the inclusion of a thin, material flap on under the tail. This allows easy one-hand access to the Spiderlock Pro II cradle dial, allowing easy on-the-bike adjustment of fit. The interior icefil padding is designed to improve both cooling and comfort.