Luck shoe-based power meter – first look

New power meter fits in sole of cycling shoes

Spanish shoemaker Luck has produced a new shoe-based, interchangeable power meter.


Luck says the power meter has been in development over the last few years and uses a sensor inserted under the ball of the foot, which collects power and cadence data for each leg. The information is then sent to Android and iPhone units via Bluetooth.

Luck also says the meter can be removed from one set of shoes and inserted into another pair. Luck also promises a weight that will be “practically imperceptible” for riders.

The current prototype pictured is undergoing final adjustments before production – Luck aims to have units on sale for Christmas. There aren’t any further details or confirmed prices at this time, but as with all power meters, Luck’s power meter shoes will need consistently accurate data to be of use on the road.


We’ll have more as we get it.