MacAskill puts pedal to the metal with new Drop and Roll video

Danny and friends show off their skills… and hair

You wanted hard rock, big hair, sick tricks and slick bike skills? If so, Danny MacAskill has done it again with This is Drop and Roll, the new video from the trials rider extraordinaire and his team. 


The film also features Duncan Shaw, Fabio Wibmer and Ali C, MacAskill’s co-stars on the Drop and Roll tour, in tight denim and studded leather pulling tricks on a stadium stage-themed set. It’s a tongue-in-cheek homage to 80s hair rock and we love it. 

The video is to promote the 2016 Drop and Roll tour, which will be taking MacAskill and co to events across the country and around the world. First stop is Sheffield, UK, on 9 January 2016 for the World Indoor Trials Championships. 


If you’re in the mood for more (and who doesn’t love a bike-based visual treat) then follow this up with a side helping of BMXer Kris Kyle inside a giant kaleidoscope. Yes, you read that correctly.