Magura adds 150mm-travel 29er fork

Also updates 27.5"/650b chassis

Magura will add a new 150mm-travel TS8 29er fork for 2014 to address the growing legion of long-travel, big-wheeled trail bike market. Boasting a claimed weight of just 1,600g (3.53lb), the new TS8 R 150 29″ will be awfully light for its class, too, when it starts arriving in stores in 4-6 weeks.


Instead of upsizing to 34mm or 35mm like some Fox and RockShox offerings, Magura’snew fork is essentially a longer version of the current 120mm-travel model with the same 32mm aluminum stanchion diameter to help keep the weight low.As with all Magura forks, though, the TS8 R 150 29″ will use a dual-arch, magnesium lower leg casting that should help offset the smaller tubes, at least in terms of torsional stiffness.

Those lower legs will also feature Magura’s own 15mm thru-axle design, rubber lower leg protectors to help stand the bike upright when the front wheel is removed, and post mount caliper tabs sized for 180mm-diameter rotors.

Tucked inside one of those legs is the company’s latest DLO3 compression damping cartridge with three settings that can be selected via a crown-mounted dial: Open for the most active ride on bumpy terrain; Firm to decrease movement while still retaining some measure of bump absorption; and Lockout for the most possible efficiency on smoother terrain. The rebound cartridge is unchanged although Magura has reshaped the knob for easier adjustments.

Inside the other leg sits a revamped air spring with an easily adjustable spring rate. Simply add snap-on spacers underneath the air cap to decrease air volume for a more progressive feel or remove them to get a more linear stroke.

One thing to note for US buyers: the new forks will actually be set at 140mm (Magura apparently felt that was a more appropriate figure for that market) but users will only have to move an internal spacer to extract the full travel.

Retail price is still being determined but given that it’s essentially just a longer-travel version of the current 120mm-travel TS8, we anticipate it will be close to that fork’s US$849 figure.

The new ts8 140 29
James Huang/

The new TS8 140 29″ will come with Magura’s own 15mm axle along with rubber lower leg protectors and an updated rebound knob shape for easier adjustments

Other fork updates

All of Magura’s new forks will supposedly be more active than before on smaller bumps, too. Teflon-impregnated and precision-sized metallic bushings replace last year’s plastic ones while a new silicone-based grease will replace the oil baths inthe air chamber and lower legs. The recommended service interval is 50 hours – about on par with other manufacturer’s suggestions.

Magura will offer the bushing and grease upgrade as a “Performance Package” retrofit for older forks.


Starting in November, 27.5″/650b-compatible forks get an update as well with dedicated lower leg castings instead of ones borrowed from the old Thor range. Axle-to-crown length increases a few millimeters but claimed tire clearance will jump from 2.35″ to 2.5″. Lower legs with 9mm quick-release dropouts will use post mount tabs for 160mm and up while 15mm thru-axle models will fit rotors starting at 180mm.