Magura discontinue the Gustav M

2011 ends a 13-year run for venerable brake

Magura's Gustav M downhill brake

Magura will stop production of their Gustav M downhill brake before the end of the year. The brand will sell the final production run of the model from 19 November through 19 December.


The Gustav M – named after Gustav Magenwirth, founder of the German brake company – was introduced for the 1997 model year and was one of the first reliable production mountain bike disc brakes. It saw competitive downhill success under some of the sport’s legends, including John Tomac and Greg Herbold.

“It’s being discontinued because we’re introducing a new range of brakes,” said Jeff Enlow, general manager of Magura Direct, the brand’s North American arm. “[On] 6 December the countdown [to the new brake launch called Mission Performance] expires and we’ll announce [the new brakes].”

Throughout its long service life, the brake sported innovative features including alloy and floating brake rotors, dual pistons, an open hydraulic design and a floating caliper, which it has to this day.

“At the time we developed that brake, we were supplying KTM motorcycles with other components and the brake was literally a copy and it still is a copy of a motorcycle brake,” said Enlow. “It’s exactly a miniature version of what’s on a CFR450 or something like that.”

The last time the brake was updated was in 2003, when a quick-fit hinged clamp was added. The final 2010 model features an open hydraulic system with a dual-piston floating caliper. With 210mm front and 190mm rear rotors, the set costs US$638/£212/€249. It’s rated for downhill and tandem use, and sports Magura’s five-year leak-proof warranty.


Magura plan to release information of their new brake line on their Mission Performance micro site, which already holds 15 ‘teaser’ videos highlighting the development of the new brakes.