Magura eLECT electronic damper technology comes to rear shocks for 2015

Slick terrain-sensing damper automatically locks out as needed

Magura debuted its eLECT electronic damper just last year for its TS6 and TS8 suspension forks, and now the company is following up with a matching rear shock. Intended to be used as a matched set, the new eLECT suspension components promises to automatically sense the terrain – so that you don’t have to.

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Just as in the fork, the eLECT rear shock damper includes a small motor that opens or closes the compression valve in about 0.1 seconds. However, Magura wasn’t able to include the terrain-sensing microelectronics into the rear shock like it does in the fork since many frame designs change the shock position as it moves through its travel.

Instead, the eLECT rear shock relies on terrain information that is wirelessly transmitted by the fork – so when the front end is locked out, so is the rear, and vice versa. In this way, the system is always balanced in how it responds to changing trail conditions, plus you only ever have to calibrate one of the dampers instead of two.

Magura has added its clever elect electronic lockout to rear shocks for 2015:
James Huang/Future Publishing

For riders that prefer to control things themselves, there’s also a new remote that allows for full manual operation.

Magura intends for elect rear shocks and forks to be used as a matched pair with the former receiving terrain information from the latter. a new bluetooth remote will also allow riders to manually control both simultaneously :
James Huang/Future Publishing

Exact claimed weights weren’t available at the show but we estimate that the RS eLECT rear shock to come in at around 250-280g depending on size – an addition of about 40-50g given the small servo motor, wireless hardware, and rechargeable battery. Official retail pricing wasn’t available, either, but based on the eLECT-equipped forks, the new RS eLECT rear shock will almost certainly command a hefty premium.

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Production versions are expected to land in shops around August or September.