Make your fat bike into Inspector Gadget with the 150mm MatchStix thru-axle

Industry Nine expanding MatchStix for RockShox Bluto

Back in 2015 Industry Nine teased its MatchStix thru-axle multi-tool combo, which hit the market a year later.


Taking the Specialized SWAT and similarly named Syncros Matchbox style integration to the next level, the MatchStix’s thru-axles house torx and hex bits inside the axle and integrate the majority of the tools you may need on the trail into the handle.

Initially available in standard and boost spacing, Industry Nine has just announced it will be extending the MatchStix multi-tool to 150mm in order to fit the RockShox Bluto fat bike fork.

It’s not intended to replace the tools you use at home or for high torque application, but it may save you from having to take the dreadful walk back home from somewhere on the trail. And since your MTB and fat bikes are likely going to need a thru-axle anyway, why not fill them with tools right?

All the tools you could need on the trail in your thru-axle

The 150mm Bluto specific MatchStix has room for all six of the included stainless steel bits 6mm, 4mm, 3mm, 2.5mm, 2mm and T25 with a 5mm integrated into the handle. The standard 100mm and 110mm bolts only take four, plus the 5mm in the handle.

The handle also houses a spare chain link for when you inevitably break a chain on the trail.

What’s more, you don’t actually need to take the front wheel off to use the tool. The handle that houses the chain breaker, bit driver, spoke tool and the housing for the bits, which is also a valve core remover, are independent of the of the axle itself.


It’s not a cheap upgrade though at £142 / $160 / AU$230, but if you’ve already got the handle you can buy just the axle for £TBC / $50 / AU$TBC — that said, those who are looking at Industry Nine know what they’re getting into