Marcel Wüst tests the Felt AR1 – video

The ex-pro gives his verdict on the top-of-the-range aero bike from Felt

Looks good and aggressive, the Felt AR1, doesn’t it? All those chunky aero tubes, the near-complete absence of external cables and the recognisable Textreme Carbon weave make this high-end road bike an object of desire for many.


Marcel Wüst, the sprinter par excellence from the 90s, gave one a go on our behalf around the roads he knows so well in Majorca. Besides taking the bike for a spin, the gregarious German, who knows his way around a bike, gives us a whistlestop feature tour of the AR1.

Now, while we like its looks, Wüst is less keen than keen… watch the video here to find out why. He thinks it’s a good performer though:

Marcel wust on the felt ar1

Video: Marcel Wüst on the Felt AR1