Martyn Ashton back riding on a handcycle

Road Bike Party star training in the velodrome

Four months after breaking his back in a stunt accident, Martyn Ashton is back on a handcycle and has been powering around Newport Velodrome in Wales.


Ashton, who released the incredible stunt video Road Bike Party 2 late last year with the help of Danny MacAskill and Chris Akrigg, also tried out tennis and basketball according to the BBC.

The 39-year-old from Port Talbot in Wales, who has been a bike trials star for a decade has been eager to get back into cycling.

“I made a bit of a pest of myself, emailed and phoned as many people in disability sports as I could in Disability Sport Wales and they’ve been really supportive,” he said.

“It was awesome but really hard. I’m not used to having power in my arms, but it was brilliant.”


Ashton was performing at Silverstone when he fell from a 3-metre high platform in September 2013 and broke his back.  Road Bike Party 2 has received more than eight million views since it was released on 10 December.

Martyn ashton performing in road bike party 2: martyn ashton performing in road bike party 2