Marzocchi release special edition purple 55 RC3 fork

Return of the fit-and-forget Bomber?

Marzocchi are producing a limited run of just 50 ‘Bomber Purple’ coloured 55 RC3 Ti forks for 2010.


Previously only given to professional riders such as Brian Lopes and Cedric Gracia, the forks will only be available through official Marzocchi dealers.

We felt the 2009 RC3 was heavy and difficult to tune, but for 2010 it’s shed 362g and has new internals, with a titanium spring, MDU bottom-out bumper and new bushings.


UK distributors Windwave say the 2010 range “sees the return of the fit-and-forget Bomber”, and that claim is backed up with a three-year warranty with no service stipulations. The 55 RC3 Ti costs £899.95 and will be available from January.