Masi bicycles and Brev. M parts available in UK

Monterey Industries to distribute both ranges

Masi's 3vc Team Issue road machine.

Masi bicycles and parts from new componentry brand Brev. M are now exclusively distributed in the UK and Ireland by Monterey Industries. 


“We’re very excited to announce the appointment of Monterey Industries as our distributors and to be working with Ken Knight and his very experienced team,” said Pete Garski, vice president of sales for Masi and Brev. M.

Monterey Industries will bring in most of Masi’s range, from entry-level race bikes to steel, fixed/singlespeed and carbon machines. They will also produce special models for the UK market.

“I’ve been getting inquiries from consumers in the UK, as well as occasionally answering questions on various forums there, so this is very good news to me”, said Tim Jackson, brand manager for Masi and Brev. M. “With the growth of fixed/singlespeed and the resurgence in popularity for steel and other lifestyle bikes, we’ve been seeing a lot more interest in the brand coming from the UK.”


Brev. M is a new parts brand dedicated to the needs of urban and fixed/singlespeed riders. It’s an extension of the Masi brand, but is marketed and sold independently.