Mavic goes big on shoes and helmets for 2017

Not much yellow from the French brand

French brand Mavic has beefed up its range of helmets and shoes for 2017. There’s a new version of the top-tier Cosmic Ultimate road lid, new lace-up shoes, and more. Here are the highlights.


(Pricing updated 16/11/16)

Mavic’s 2017 road helmets

Mavic is adding three new road lids for 2017, including women’s specific options: the new Cosmic Ultimate II, Cosmic Pro/Sequence Pro, and Ksyrium/Echappée.

All three helmets use the Ergo Hold SL Retention System, Live Fit SL memory foam band inside the front of the helmet, and 37.5 Clima Ride moisture wicking padding. They’re also covered by European EN and USA’s CSPC safety norms.

Mavic Cosmic Ultimate II

The Cosmic Ultimate II is Mavic’s flagship road helmet
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Sitting at the top of Mavic’s range is the Cosmic Ultimate II, which has 26 vents, is available in three colorways and is claimed to weigh 210g in a size medium.

It ain’t cheap though, priced at £175 / $TBC/ AU$TBC. The update for 2017 adds Live Fit SL memory foam on the inside, which moulds to your head for a perfect personal fit, secure position and no hotspots.

Mavic Cosmic Pro and women’s Sequence Pro

Mavic’s Cosmic Pro helmet

The men’s Cosmic Pro and women’s Sequence Pro are claimed to weigh 230g in a size medium and are a slightly watered down version of the flagship Cosmic Ultimate II.

Mavic’s Sequence Pro helmet

The Cosmic Pro is available in four colors (none are Mavic’s signature yellow) and sees a slightly different venting pattern compared to its more expensive cousin. It also gains 20g. The women’s Sequence Pro is only available in one colour and includes extra padding on the chin strap.

The Cosmic Pro is priced at £140 / $TBC / AU$TBC, and the women’s Sequence Pro is priced at £115 / $TBC.

Mavic Ksyrium Pro and women’s Echappée Pro

Mavic’s new entry level lids the Ksyrium Pro and women’s Echappée Pro
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The men’s Ksyrium Pro and women’s Echappée Pro are Mavic’s new entry-level lids. Claimed to weigh 245g, they have 22 vents and 360-degree reflective highlights. The Ksyrium Pro is available in five colors, while the Echappée Pro gets two color options plus extra padding on the chinstrap.

The Kysrium Pro is priced at £100 / $TBC / AU$TBC, ahd the women’s Echappée Pro is priced at £100 / $TBC.

Mavic’s 2017 road shoes

It’s always easy to spot who’s riding in Mavic shoes in the pro peloton, with the bright yellow sticking out in a sea of black and white. Those days may now be over though, with very few yellow kicks on offer.

The flagship Cosmic Ultimate remains unchanged for 2017, but the other shoes sitting slightly lower in the line-up benefit from the trickle down tech.

Mavic Cosmic Pro shoes

The Cosmic Pro Limited edition’s are the only yellow kicks
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For 2017 the Cosmic Pro shoes are available in black, red and a limited-edition yellow — and are rated 80/100 on Mavic’s ‘Index Energy Transfer’ scale.

The standard version is claimed to weigh in at 289g in a size 8.5, while the limited edition kicks shave off 40g in the same size. The weight savings are made on the sole, where the limited-edition shoes get the Energy Full Carbon SLR outside, which sees the mid-foot cut away, while the Energy Carbon sole on the standard shoe doesn’t get the same treatment.

Using two Ergo Dial QR (i.e. BOA) closures, which are adjustable in 1mm increments, plus the brand’s Energy Frame heel cup, the kicks also come stock with an Ergo Fit 3D insole, complete with EVA arch support.

The Cosmic Pro is set to cost £210 / $TBC / AU$TBC, and the limited-edition versions will cost £245 / $TBC / AU$TBC.

Mavic Cosmic Elite and women’s Sequence Elite shoes

The Cosmic Elite and Sequence Elite shoes are rated 60/100 on Mavic’s stiffness scale
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Sitting a little lower in the Mavic range are the new Cosmic Elite and Sequence Elite shoes. Rated at 60/100 on Mavic’s stiffness scale, both shoes feature a carbon composite outsole.

Claimed to weigh 270g for the men’s Cosmic and 240g for the women’s Sequence, they use two velcro straps as well as a Mavic Ergo Dial QR closure. They are available in three colors for the men and two for the women (again, no yellow).

Both the Cosmic Elite and Sequence Elite are set to retail for £120 / $TBC / AU$TBC.

Mavic Aksium and women’s Echappée laced shoes

The Aksium and Echappée feature laces and are the most budget friendly shoes in Mavic’s range
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Mavic has finally jumped on the laced bandwagon with the Aksium and Echappée, but not in the way most other brands have. Instead of creating a pro-level shoe with laces, the Aksium and Echappée kicks are targeted at enthusiast riders. Both get a carbon composite sole, Ortholite footbeds, a stiffness rating of 50/100 on Mavic’s scale and are claimed to weigh 270g and 230g respectively.

There’s also an elite version of both shoes, which features a ratchet closure in addition to the laces.

The Aksium and women’s Echappée are both priced at £80 / $TBC / AU$TBC. The Aksium Elite and Echappée Elite are both priced at £95 / $TBC / AU$TBC.


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