Maxxis rolls out new road and gravel tires

Tubular and tubeless options

Maxxis tires are synonymous with high-performance mountain bikes, but the international company also produces a huge range of road, cyclocross and gravel tires. Maxxis also shares its tire technology between disciplines with tubeless ready beads, flat protection, and various rubber compounds. Check out what’s new for the 700c road world below. 


Relix tubular road racing tire

Maxxis’s proven Relix tread will be offered as a 23 and 25mm tubulars

The Relix is a road racing tread pattern. The new models are available as tubulars in either 23mm (275g) or 25mm (300g) widths. The 120tpi tires feature Maxxis’s Silkworm and K2 kevlar puncture protection under the tread. US retail is $117

Rouler TR road tire

The 28mm Rouler is tubeless ready and has a max PSI of 115

The Rouler has been updated with a tubeless ready bead. The 60tpi tire is offered as a 28mm with a 360g claimed weight. To fend off punctures, the Rouler features Silkshield bead-to-bead protection. US retail is $64

Forza road tire

The Forza is billed as a sport or training tire

The 25mm Forza is billed as a training or sport tire. It’s not pedestrian, though, with tubeless-ready beads, 60 and 120tpi versions, and Silkshield puncture protection.

Rambler gravel tire new sizes

Maxxis’s Rambler gravel tire bumps down in size with a 38mm offering

Maxxis’s Rambler gravel tire gets two new sizes: 27.5×1.5in and 700x38mm, both in 60 or 120tpi casings. Flat protection comes from the EXO and Silkshield casings. Like previous Rambler tires, they’re tubeless ready and have dual compounds for the tread. US retail is $68.

Maxx-Ice winter tire

For those who ride no matter what the conditions, the Maxx-Ice should fit the bill

And for something a bit different, Maxxis is introducing the 700x40mm, studded Maxx-Ice hybrid tire. The 5mm tall, siped lugs have studs that will hopefully keep you upright on icy rides. Wire and folding beads will be available. Pricing TBD.


Maxxis tire pricing and availability

Maxxis did not have UK or Australian pricing available, but did say that most tires will available by the end of 2017.