Listen to episode three of the MBUK Podcast | Locations that changed how we ride

From Coed y Brenin to Vancouver's North Shore, episode three is a world tour of some of mountain biking's most iconic riding spots

The MBUK Podcast

We’re into week three of the new MBUK Podcast, with hosts Rob Weaver and Tom Marvin turning their attention to the world’s best riding locations.

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Having covered the bikes that broke tech boundaries in episode one, and the riders who shaped the sport of mountain biking in episode two, this time it’s all about riding spots.

From Coed y Brenin in Wales to Vancouver’s North Shore, Rob and Tom take us on a world tour of the locations that have changed how we ride.

You can listen using the player above – or via Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Remember to subscribe to the new MBUK Podcast while you’re there, too, so you don’t miss one of the weekly episodes.

Episode 2 | Riders who shaped the sport

The MBUK Podcast is back for episode two, this time focusing on some of the names who have shaped the sport of mountain biking.

Behind every complicated suspension design, radical geometry figure or ground-breaking event is a passionate mountain biker looking to progress the sport a little or, in some cases, a lot.

For this episode, MBUK editor James Costley-White joins hosts Rob Weaver and Tom Marvin in the studio to discuss the riders, racers and engineers who helped transform mountain biking into the sport we all know and love today.

The MBUK Podcast is released every Tuesday, with episode three focusing on locations that changed the way we ride.

Episode 1 | Bikes that broke boundaries

Our friends and colleagues at MBUK magazine have launched a new podcast!

In series one, the team behind MBUK – the UK’s best-selling mountain biking magazine – will take to the airwaves every Tuesday, starting today, to look back at the moments that have helped shape the sport.

MBUK has been at the heart of mountain biking culture since the magazine was launched, way back in 1988, and the podcast will cover everything from game-changing tech to the greatest riders, most influential brands and iconic trails.

Two regular voices on the BikeRadar Podcast – Rob Weaver and Tom Marvin – will be joined by members of the MBUK team throughout the series.

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Episode one covers the bikes that have broken tech boundaries over the past four decades.