Meet Brooks’ new Cambium All Weather saddle: more durable and less expensive

Ready to ride urban saddle with color, size and cutout options

Brooks has added to its venerable line of saddles with the Cambium All Weather series in a variety of colors. Three sizes are available, as well as versions with or without a center cutout.


Brooks Cambium All Weather specs

  • 140, 162, 184mm widths
  • Nylon top cover
  • Solid steel rails
  • Fiberglass body
  • 432g (claimed weight for C15 model)
  • £85 / $120 / AU$TBD

Nylon instead of leather

Brooks arguably made its name from its iconic leather saddles. While numerous weatherproofing options for the leather options exist, Mother Nature is a stubborn opponent who seldom refuses to lose, and this new nylon saddle has been designed to battle the elements. 

Brooks offers carved and regular options
Russell Eich / Immediate Media

Because of its hard-wearing nature, Brooks states its latest saddle is ideal for urban riding and commuter bikes that spend the bulk of their days exposed to the elements. 

The nylon cover on the Cambium All Weather models is claimed to be impervious to sun, water and freezing.

Four colors (black not shown here) are available
Russell Eich / Immediate Media

Additionally, according to Brooks, the infamous break-in period is not present on the Cambium All Weather saddles due to a vulcanized rubber top that’s ready-to-ride from day one.


Brooks reports all colors and size are available now.

The base is fiberglass instead of Brooks’ traditional aluminum
Russell Eich / Immediate Media