Mike Aitken critically injured

Top BMX rider unconscious after crash

Mike Aitken

Top BMX rider Mike Aitken of the Fitbikeco team has been left critically injured after an accident on Sunday while riding with friends in Pennsylvania.


After over-rotating a 360 Mike, 24, sustained a severe blow to the head, according to his website mikeaitken.com. He was rushed to the Intensive Care Unit at St. Luke’s hospital in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania early Sunday afternoon where emergency staff immediately sedated him because he was reportedly disoriented and convulsing. He has not regained consciousness since.

Several CT scans have shown fractures in Mike’s orbital bone, cheek, both sides of his jaw, as well as throughout his sinus cavities. Further testing showed damage to Mike’s brain stem as well as bleeds on his brain, but it is not yet known what impact this will have upon his recovery.

Mike’s breathing is currently being assisted, but he is breathing on his own for the most part. Mike has shown some voluntary movement in his left arm and leg although his right side is currently only responding to pain stimuli, but doctors say that this is fairly common for an injury of this type and remain hopeful for his recovery.

Mike’s devotion to the sport and experience in several different genres of BMX riding have helped him to become one of the most reputable riders of today.

Like many riders in BMX and the gravity disciplines of mountain biking, Mike has been unable to obtain medical insurance, despite multiple attempts to find appropriate cover.

Mike’s family, friends and sponsors have therefore worked together with the Athlete Recovery Fund to set up a donations appeal in aid of Mike’s recovery. Please visit www.athleterecoveryfund.com for more information on how to help a rider in need.


BikeRadar wishes Mike a speedy recovery.