Mike Burrows on the best fork angle – video

Godfather of British bike design explains why most bikes have a 73-degree head tube angle

Mike Burrows at work on his lathe

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Mike Burrows will forget more about bike design than most of us will ever know – he’s built hour-record beating frames and gold medal winning bikes.

He’s also got a knack for explaining why bikes are built the way they are. And in his latest video for maintenance site MadeGood.org, Burrows tackles the fraught question of head tube angles. Seventy-three degrees is pretty standard, but why?

Over the lathe in his workshop, the respected British bike designer explains how bike frames have come to adopt the standard angle, when in actual fact, the best design would probably resemble a shopping trolley.

Watch the video here:

Mike burrows on the best fork angle

Video: Mike Burrows on the best fork angle

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