milKit recalls all tubeless boosters due to production defect

Valve can detach under pressure due to manufacturing error

milKit has asked that all boosters are returned to the retailer they were purchased from

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Madison, the UK distributor of MilKit, has just informed us that the first batch of the milKit tubeless booster has a serious production error that can cause the valve to come off when under pressure.

As such, milKit has asked that all users stop using the inflator immediately and to contact the retailer it was purchased from to follow the product recall.

While our email suggested it might only be the first batch that is affected, milKit is asking that all inflators are returned.

The full recall announcement runs below;

We have received reports concerning the milKit tubeless booster products recently launched to the market. It is possible that parts may become detached from the booster during inflation.

Before the milKit tubeless booster products were released to market, we subjected them to the latest state of the art safety tests, no problems were encountered.

We are checking whether the problems are caused by a manufacturing defect or appliance failure.

However, in order to exclude any risks, we would like you to stop using all milKit boosters and contact the retailer of your milKit booster in order to follow the product recall.

All milKit tubeless booster products sold so far may be affected.

For further information if you have any questions, please contact

We apologise to all affected customers for any inconvenience that may arise and will do everything in our power to resolve any problems as quickly as possible.

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