Mio release new firmware for Cyclo 500 series computers

Phone alerts, Di2 compatibility and many more features added

The Cyclo 500 and 505 recieve a major firmware update

Mio (sold as Magellan outside Europe) has just released a major firmware update for its new Cyclo 500 series computers. We’ve taken a look at the Cyclo 500 series before, but the latest updates add a host of features that bring it in line with the recently released Garmin 1000.


The biggest upgrade is its compatibility with Bluetooth 4.0 equipped Androids and iPhones (Bluetooth 4.0 is low energy Bluetooth). Text messages and call alerts can be fed straight to the screen, a feature that’ll be handy for those who never hear the phone ring. And if you like to ride with music, that can be controlled too.

There are a few features that are Android-only: spoken turn-by-turn directions are available when the device is used with a Bluetooth compatible headset; and, in case of an emergency, a text message containing your GPS location can be sent to your selected emergency contact, similar to a feature found in the subscription-based ICEdot app.

Shimano has recently announced that Di2 ANT+ addition is now supported by the Cyclo 500 series, which means that those with electronic gears will be able to view their gear selection and battery status, as well as analyse shift patterns post-ride.  

More training-focused riders will appreciate that the 500 will now work with a greater range of power meters, including Quarq, SRM, Cyclops and Stages. Indoor training enthusiasts using ANT+ supported Elite Digital Qubo, Tacx Bushido and Genius trainers can control resistance and simulate rides too.

This latest firmware update builds on our opinion that the current crop of personal GPS units are already being made future-proof, held back only by firmware developments.


We recently received a Mio Cyclo505HC to test – expect a full review soon.