Mondraker’s MIND system opens up suspension telemetry to the masses

Mondraker uses its MIND over matter in suspension setup

Mondraker MIND suspension telemetry system

Mondraker’s new MIND technology is an on-bike integrated suspension telemetry system that aims to simplify suspension setup. Mondraker claims the MIND system, three years in development, is so easy to use that no prior suspension knowledge is needed.

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The Spanish brand has never shied away from pushing the boundaries of design and engineering – take its Forward Geometry, for example – and its latest development uses patented technology that integrates telemetry recording hardware into a bike’s steerer tube.

It is designed to take the guesswork out of setting up a bike’s suspension, from sag to rebound and compression settings, these are all controlled via the company’s new myMondraker app.

There have been telemetry products before, but they have often been expensive and limited to top-level World Cup riders. Mondraker is boldly aiming to make this invaluable tool much more wildly available by incorporating it right into the bikes from the showroom.

MIND will initially be available on Mondraker’s range-topping Foxy Carbon and Crafty Carbon models, and only in Europe, but it plans to expand it across its entire lineup eventually.

The brains behind Mondraker’s MIND

Mondraker MIND suspension telemetry system
Four wireless components make up the system.

The system comprises four wireless components with the brain of the unit hidden inside the fork steerer tube, where a sensor reads a fork-mounted magnet. At the rear, a small sensor is placed on the top linkage of the Zero suspension system with a magnet fixed to the main pivot.

The sensors detect the strength of the magnetic fields as the magnets get closer or further from the sensors during suspension compression or extension.

Together, these sensors relay suspension data to the myMondraker app. Here you can quickly and easily set the suspension sag, alongside recommendations for rebound and compression damping to suit rider weight and riding style.

Alternatively, a code displayed on the device’s LED screen lets you know if more or less air pressure is needed, if you don’t have the app to hand.

Mondraker MIND suspension telemetry system
The data is recorded by the system itself.

The sensors monitor the suspension data while you ride by the millisecond. Every climb, downhill and bump, it’s all recorded and presented for examination, analysis and optimisation in the app.

MIND also incorporates a GPS sensor, independent from a smartphone, which allows the app to use precise geolocation data so speed, distance, time and elevation gain can be harnessed to better achieve the perfect suspension settings.

You don’t even need to take your phone with you when you’re riding because the data is only sent to the app once you’ve finished your ride.

Bringing video game tech to real life

In true video game style, MIND can even record how long you spend getting air by calculating your overall time in the air as well as suspension travel used on the landing, for maximum car-park bragging rights. Using the GPS data the app can plot your air time onto maps, too, so you can relive it afterwards.

It remains to be seen whether the deep levels of accumulated data can be incorporated into Strava. However, rides can be uploaded to the popular training website as well as Facebook. It’s also possible to access the data via a web page.

Additionally, a notable benefit is the anti-theft alarm capabilities, where the sensors send an alarm to your smartphone if the bike is moved.

Mondraker claims the system adds just 199g total weight to the bike and the two removable batteries offer 20 hours continuous run-time with 15 days on standby.

“Offering World Cup technology to non-professional riders is our target,” says Luís Martínez, Mondraker’s Global Product Manager. “It’s been an uphill struggle to develop an integrated system which offers simple and comprehensible data for all types of rider but we’ve done it.

“Obtaining real information from one of the least understood parts of a bike will allow our riders to unlock the full potential of their bikes. Our unwavering aim is to make Mondraker riders better riders.”

Miguel Pina, CEO of Mondraker, added: “We’re truly excited about MIND because from now on we’ll be pedalling with a full-blown telemetry system built into our bikes. Regardless of how we feel on each ride, we can now compare these feelings with real data and that’s priceless!

“I’m even more excited that everyone who rides a Mondraker will from now on be able to enjoy the benefits of a properly set up bike. When I’m riding in the mountains I see a lot of badly set up bikes and that won’t happen with MIND! Each and every rider, regardless of their skills set, fitness will be able to set their suspension up quickly and easily. To sum up, all MIND users will achieve two things: more speed and more fun.”

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MIND will available exclusively in Europe on the 2021 Foxy Carbon and Crafty Carbon bikes, but Mondraker is looking to expand the technology to its entire range of XC, DH and enduro bikes over the next few years.