Mondraker’s e-Crusher wears its motor and battery with pride

Brand new mid-travel e-bike from those who like it longer

Famed for its long and proud mountain bikes, Spanish firm Mondraker is no stranger to e-bikes, but for its freshly announced e-Crusher the company asks that you leave all your preconceptions about such bikes at the door.


The e-Crusher features 150mm of travel at its rear wheel and is built around a 160mm fork and plus sized tyres. In suspension terms, it sits nicely between the company’s Foxy and Dune models, though Mondraker claims it offers the best parts of both of these segments. According to the Mondraker press release: “e-Crusher Carbon combines the responsiveness and handling of a trail bike with the great bump absorption, traction, and confidence of a cutting edge enduro race bike with plus tyres”.

The e-Crusher is a departure from Mondraker’s current Bosch powered e-bike line
The full carbon e-crusher frame is unmistakably Mondraker with its generous wheelbase and forward geometry front triangle­, though it’s the way this bike integrates Shimano’s Steps E-8000 motor and its detachable battery that really sets it apart from anything the firm has done previously.

Shimano’s E-8000 motor is known for its compact dimensions, and it’s this that has allowed Mondraker to achieve an enviable chainstay length of 450mm as well as an impressive 77mm Q-factor.

At the rear is Mondraker’s proven Zero suspension system, and one that makes use of a metric-size, trunnion mount shock as well as new oversized hardware complete with Enduro bearings. The space between the rear side of the bike’s swingarm and shock has now been filled too, forming something of a mudguard for the rear shock.

This model, the e-Crusher Carbon R+ weighs a claimed 22.8 kg (50.26 lbs)

Less surprising highlights include a tapered head tube, Boost front and rear axles as well as internal cable routing and a flat-mount rear disc brake caliper.


Sold in two different builds, the e-Crusher R+ is the cheapest and will retail for €7,499. The e-Crusher RR+ will retail for €9,499 and can be plumped with upgrades from ENVE for another €1,500. International pricing is still to be confirmed.

Mondraker e-Crusher promo vid