Mongoose Maurice FS – First look

The ideal bike for fixie tricks

This is Mongoose’s new fixed gear/singlespeed Maurice FS bike, which replaces the Hi-Ten model and sits alongside the company’s popular Maurice fixie.


So what’s different? Well, the FS is essentially a tweaked version of the Maurice with geometry adjusted for riders who want to barspin and pull off the sort of stunts performed by Mongoose rider Chris Akrigg in his recent videos.

Think barspins, wheelies and freestyle tricks – the kind of thing that’s going to take a lot of practice…

It’s got a one-piece bar and stem, urban commuter tyres from Thick Slick on Weinmann Thunderbird rims, and a colour matched chainring, seatpost collar, chain, grips, brake lever and spokes.


If you want a play on this new bike from Mongoose it’ll cost you a mere £369.99. To see Chris Akrigg in action on the Maurice, hit play below: