Moon Meteor and Comet lights – First look

Bright and USB rechargeable

We’ve just been sent a couple of USB rechargeable Moon bike lights courtesy of their UK distributor Raleigh.


The Moon Meteor front and Comet rear look to be well suited to commuting and road riding in the dark, although they lack the power to be used seriously off-road.

The Meteor front light uses a CREE XT-E (R5) LED that runs off a 3.7V 1200mAh lithium polymer battery. It has five settings: strobe (claimed run time 6hrs55min), flashing (7hrs), standard (50 lumens, 8hrs), high (105 lumens, 3hrs35min) and overdrive (200 lumens, 1hr50min).

The body is made of plastic and alloy and is claimed to be water resistant. It also comes with a rubberised helmet and bar mounts for easy fitting to different bar sizes.

Moon meteor front light:
John Whitney/

The Moon Meteor front light

We haven’t seen the Comet front light, but the Comet rear light is robust and comes with a couple of mounting options – a standard seatpost mount and a saddle rail mount. Using a COP red LED powered by a 3.7V 500mAh battery, the Comet has six settings: strobe (claimed run time 4hrs), 100 percent flashing (3hrs), 50 percent flashing (5hrs30min), standard (10 lumens, 6hrs50min), high (20 lumens, 3hrs) and overdrive (35 lumens, 1hr45min).

Charge time is up to two hours for both lights, and USB cables come included. The lights are available separately, or you can buy them in sets as detailed below:

  • Meteor front and Comet rear set – £90
  • Meteor front light – £60
  • Comet front light – £32
  • Comet rear light – £32
  • Comet front and rear set – £63