Moots rings fundraising cowbell

Moots Ti Stick raises money for Bicycle Colorado

Moots' Ti Stick rings the bell for Bicycle Colorado

Fans of cyclocross – and titanium – listen up: Moots is selling a batch of its “Ti Sticks” cowbells to benefit the advocacy group Bicycle Colorado.


Ti Sticks are American-made Titanium tubes with welded stops at either end with a smaller piece of titanium inside. Shake it and you have a cowbell, of sorts.

Moots spokeswoman Cathy Wiedemer said the titanium bicycle maker hopes to make $3,000 for Bicycle Colorado, one $90 stick at a time. Two years ago, Moots raised $3,000 the same way for IMBA trail work.

Moots is selling the Ti Sticks through its online shop.


Bicycle Colorado is a nonprofit group that promotes bicycling safety and facilities in Colorado. Moots is based in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.