More than 3,000 people take UCI survey

Fans' views sought on cycling's future

UCI president Pat McQuaid wants fans' views

More than 3,000 people have taken a questionnaire designed to help the UCI improve the “organisation, functioning and image of cycling” in a little over a week since the survey opened.


The online survey, part of the UCI’s Bright Future for Cycling engagement programme, canvasses stakeholders’ views on the globalisation of the sport, how professional cycling is shown on TV, women’s cycling and the organisation’s track record on combating doping.

The Deloitte-managed questionnaire was prompted by development of the so-called World Series Cycling breakaway project, which received a boost today with news that BSkyB are considering joining the group. Another factor leading to the survey was long-term criticism that the UCI have failed to quell, and at times even been complicit in, cycling’s endemic doping culture.

The UCI, which opened the survey on 21 February, say they will use the opinions to help decide what action to take to improve their management of the sport.


The survey is anonymous and takes 20 minutes to complete. It will close on 15 March.